Tutorials & Pre-Conferences


Tutorials are half-day, take place on the weekend before the conference (Sat+Sun, Oct 14+15th 2006) or on the days after the core program (Oct 18th and 19th). Tutorials are open for Mednet registrants or Mednet non-registrants and are $150 for 1 tutorial, $125 per tutorial if a participant pays for 2 tutorials, or $100 per tutorial if a participant books 3 or more tutorials, except the free usability tutorial on Thursday, as well as the WFME workshop on Wednesday, which are free of charge, but require prior registration for MedNet (Click here to register), and subsequent registration through this form (scroll down and check the respective free events). In case of overbooking of the free tutorials, those participants who also booked a paid tutorial will receive preference.

If you are a registrant for Mednet and want to order the free tutorials, please first login at http://www.mednetcongress.org/registration.php

A full list of tutorial times and locations is available from the Conference Schedule

Presenter Tutorial Title Date Register
Bryn Lewis
Internet technologies for delivery of evidence based information : Using web services and XML effectivelySat Oct 14
9AM - 12PM
Nina Eminovic
Dept. of Medical Informatics, Academic Medical Centre, Amsterdam
Jeremy Wyatt
Health Informatics Centre, University of Dundee, Dundee, UK
Better evaluation studies in eHealth and telemedicineSat Oct 14
1PM - 4PM
M Chris Gibbons
Johns Hopkins Urban Health Institute
Emerging themes in disparities research; the role of eHealth solutionsSun Oct 15
9AM - 12PM
Kim Nazi
US Department of Veterans Affairs
Implementing eHealth: Development of a Personal Health Record for Patients (Process, Product, and Principles)Sun Oct 15
1PM - 4PM
Lars Kayser
University of Copenhagen
Hans Karle
Developing recommendations for “WFME Guidelines and Strategies for Medical e-Learning.”*
free tutorial for paid conference registrants
Wed Oct 18
1PM - 2PM
Janice Nall
Centers for Disases Control and Prevention (CDC)
FREE CDC-SPONSORED TUTORIAL (registration required, see abstract!): User-Centered Design of Websites*
free tutorial for paid conference registrants
Thu Oct 19
9AM - 1PM

Pre-/Postconference Workshops

3rd WATI Workshop - Web Assisted Tobacco Interventions
Web-assisted tobacco interventions (WATI) are a class of technology-enabled behavioral interventions are becoming popular because of their ease of proliferation, scalability and relatively low-cost. Web-assisted behavior change tools in general have achieved success in facilitating behaviour change across a variety of health conditions, with tobacco control being among the most widely studied, and effective, areas for applying eHealth interventions.
The World Congress on Internet and Medicine (MedNet) in Toronto will provide an opportunity for those engaged in WATI to meet with eHealth specialists to exchange ideas and share knowledge, promoting collaboration opportunities globally between sectors and between practitioners, researchers, and funders.
The aim is to lay the foundations for developing a global community of practice within WATI and eHealth by drawing both tobacco control and eHealth researchers together working on areas of common interest.
Please contact Virginia Chow [virginia_chow at camh.net] to be invited to this workshop. A NOTE FOR ALL CRIMINALS IN NIGERIA: WE WILL IGNORE YOUR REQUESTS FOR INVITATION LETTERS

Health-e Body Weight ("E-besity") Workshop: Issues in developing, using, and evaluating ehealth technologies for healthy eating and active lifestyle
Invitational Workshop for ehealth researchers and technology experts, nutrition and physical activity experts, health behaviour change experts, policy makers, consumers, industry representatives, and potential funders - Please see abstract for a description of this workshop as well as for information on how to attend.