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M. Chris Gibbons

Emerging themes in disparities research; the role of eHealth solutions

M. Chris Gibbons
Johns Hopkins Urban Health Institute

Topic: Public (e-)health, population health technologies, surveillance
Type: Oral presentation

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     Last modified: July 26, 2006
     Presentation date: 10/15/2006 9:00 AM in CGEI Telehealth Room
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Over the past decade, a rapidly expanding body of literature has demonstrated the existence of disparities in health and health care. While consensus has not emerged regarding the causes of disparities, they are generally thought to be related to sociocultural, behavioral, economic, environmental, biologic, or societal factors. Despite the implementation of significant policy, legislative and research initiatives designed to address disparities, they have remained surprisingly resistant to improvement and in some cases have worsened over time. To effectively address disparities, several authorities have suggested the need for an enhanced theory driven understanding of the varied and multilevel structural and behavioral determinants of disparities as well as an integrative approach to addressing disparities that involves greater information technology and eHealth investments. eHealth researchers may be able to make significant contributions in this area through research and its applications. This tutorial begins with a brief overview of the history and epidemiology of health disparities in the United States and Europe. It then discusses the role of the Internet and other suggested etiologic determinants in the genesis of healthcare disparities. Attendees will then be led through a discussion of the pros and cons of select current strategies for addressing healthcare disparities. Attendees will then be introduced to a theoretic basis and rationale for the design of disparities interventions. This will be followed by a discussion of emerging theory driven eHealth strategies to address healthcare disparities. The session will end with an open discussion of current knowledge gaps and areas for future research in the field of integrative eHealth approaches to address healthcare disparities

This is a tutorial - thus extra payment through http://www.mednetcongress.org/tutorialsandpreconferences.php before Sept 13, 2006 is required! This tutorial can be booked by Mednet registrants, but can also be booked by non-Mednet participants.

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