(20 October, 2006)
Mednet 2006 is over and was a terrific success. From 524 abstract submissions, 468 presentations were accepted. We had almost 500 participants from 43 different countries (previous Mednets had 100-200 participants). Speakers included internationally known leaders in eHealth. If you missed Mednet 2006, be advised that we are planning to make audio files available on this website for registered participants (if this becomes available, we will announce this in the news section of the Mednet site [=here], on the Mednet homepage, and through the mailing list). We are also planning a post-conference web-only registration option, providing access to audio files for those who missed Mednet (please fill in the preregistration form if you are interested in this, and monitor this website for updates).

(19 October, 2006)
No-shows/Refund requests: Registrants who have not shown up at Mednet please note that as per our cancellation/refund policy we are unable to provide any refunds (there was an option to send somebody else). Note that we have fixed costs per participant which incur regardless of whether or not the registrant shows up, therefore we regret that at this stage no refunds are possible.

(12 October, 2006)
Advance online registration is now closed. Onsite registration during the conference is possible (there is an additional $100 fee). Payments onsite can be made by credit card (VISA/Mastercard) or cash (Can$ only).

(09 October, 2006)

The complete 44-page final program can be downloaded here (10 MB!)
(under the Program menu point, parts of the program can be downloaded separately). The final program is due to go to press later today or early tomorrow.
Presenters should check whether they are correctly listed in the program and whether their presentation time slot matches the online schedule.
Please notify us immediately if you spot errors or omissions.
Note that we will not make minor corrections at this point especially if they are the presenters' responsibility (we print titles, names, and affiliations exactly as submitted - and the abstract and metadata remained editable for the past 8 months).
As mentioned already last week, the abstract book is also downloadable in the "program" menu point and is already in press.
For those which are not registered yet: Advance online registration closes tomorrow, Oct 10th.
We look forward seeing you in Toronto next week. Safe travels!

(06 October, 2006)
The previous draft program for the poster sessions contained an error - presenters with multiple posters were accidentally listed with only one of their posters. This error has been fixed and the revised version is now online. Please let us know if you spot remaining errors or omissions.

(05 October, 2006)
The draft program for the poster sessions can be downloaded here. Please let us know if you spot errors or omissions.

(05 October, 2006)
Exhibitors and others who want to ship material to the conference can use the shipping label available here. Boxes can be picked up at the hotel (ask at the reception or contact the conference manager at the hotel, Sion Edwards). Note that the hotel charges a storage/handling fee of CAD$2 per box.

(04 October, 2006)
The final abstract book can be downloaded here (4 MB!).

The Program-at-a-Glance has been updated again and should now be the final version (click on the link and then press reload to make sure that you see the most recent version)..

(28 September, 2006)
A revised Exhibit Floorplan has been posted.

Booth assignments are as follows:
B01 Medscinet
B02 US Centers for Disease Control-NCHM
B03 US National Cancer Institute
B04 Canadian Health Network/Public Health Agency
B05 Actminds
B15 B Sharp Technologies
B16 Ministry of Health MOHLTC
B18 Canadian Pharmacists Association

Exhibitors are reminded that any show supplies such as chairs, tables etc need to be ordered from our show supplier Stronco - see exhibitor kit.
Stronco has a deadline of October 2nd for all orders. Although “late” orders are accepted, there will be a surcharge for orders after Oct 2nd..
Exhibitors and sponsors interested in placing inserts into the delegate bags should now contact the organizers immediately..

(27 September, 2006)
The Program-at-a-Glance has been updated (click on the link and then press reload to make sure that you see the most recent version).

(26 September, 2006)
Abstract book preview: A draft of our Abstract Booklet can be viewed here (4 MB!). Please inform us if you spot errors.

(26 September, 2006)
Last opportunity to register in advance and to pay by cheque: If you haven't registered yet, please note that advance registration will soon close - after this, only onsite registration (with an additional $100 fee) will be possible. To avoid problems with cheques arriving late (i.e. not well before the conference), we will disable the possibility to pay by cheque on Wednesday, Sep 27th. If you choose this option, you have to make sure that the cheque reaches us within 2 weeks. Participants are not considered registered if we do not receive the cheque by Wednesday, Oct 11th; if this deadline is missed, participants will have to pay and register onsite (with additional charges) even if the cheque is in the mail.
The only possibility to register in advance between Thursday, Sep 28th and Oct 10th will be by credit card or paypal. Advance registration will close on Oct 10th.
Please also note that preregistration is not "advance registration" - only the latter means you have paid and you are actually registered for the conference, i.e. your ticket is guaranteed.

(26 September, 2006)
Ebesity Workshop: Various MEDNET sessions provide an overview over current experiences with and issues in the application and research of "ehealth obesity" interventions. The invitational workshop "Health-e Body Weight ("E-besity") Workshop: Issues in developing, using, and evaluating ehealth technologies for healthy eating and active lifestyle", cofunded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, is not a presentation or a tutorial, rather participants are actually expected to work (however, the workshop is preceded by another workshop "Targeting e-health Obesity Prevention for Youth: Balancing Evidence Based-Approaches with Audience Appeal" 2:15-3:30pm, same room] which has more a tutorial character). The objective of this international workshop is to bring together ehealth researchers and technology experts with nutrition and physical activity experts, health behaviour change experts, policy makers, consumers, and industry representatives, and potential funders. The broader goal is knowledge exchange and research agenda setting in the area of development, application, and evaluation of ehealth technologies for education and behaviour change in the context of preventing and treating obesity. The anticipated outcome is a) providing a forum for networking among different stakeholders for planning of collaborative research projects b) identifying the research issues and generating a research agenda and action plan.
Scope. With ehealth interventions we mean in particular 1) Internet-based "tailored" behaviour change websites targeting obesity and healthy bodyweight, 2) mobile devices and solutions such as PDAs coupled with barcode scanners and bluetooth-enabled pedometers etc., and their integration into behaviour change programs and websites; 3) other innovative software-based and "edutainment" approaches such as videogames, interactive movies, and virtual reality..
The emphasis of this workshop is to actually WORK on preparing a White Paper (discussion paper). For this purpose, the workshop will be broken up into smaller breakout groups, which will discuss a specific issue or broad questions (such as "what are the problems", "what are the risks" in researching/applying ebesity interventions etc.), prepare a draft paragraph which deals with that specific issue, and present it back to the larger group.
To be invited, write an email to Gunther Eysenbach [geysenba at], subject "ebesity workshop invitation request". Please formulate a few critical issues or questions which should eventually be a subheading in a White Paper and which you want to see discussed in the breakout groups.
NOTE: Participants from outside of the US or Canada have to be registered (and paid) for Mednet. We will not provide written invitation letters for visa purposes, unless you are registered and paid for Mednet. There will be no exceptions.

(22 September, 2006)
Information for Exhibitors: 1) Customs: Exhibitors importing items into Canada can now download a letter from customs Canada for presentation to Canada customs officials at the time of entry into Canada (a note for all those Nigerians getting on our nerves with requests for invitation letters to get a visa: This letter will NOT buy you a visa, and no, we will NOT provide you with an invitation letter for the conference). 2) AV-needs: Exhibitors requiring AV gear for their booths such as monitors or plasma screens/stands and the likes can call our AV supplier Duocom, at 1-888-338-6266, or email Rosemary Vaughan [rvaughan at]. 3) Supplies: Exhibitors should be reminded that only the booth space (with drapery to separate exhibition spaces) will be provided. Tables, chairs etc need to be rented from our show supplier Stronco, see exhibitor kit 4) Printing etc needs: For on-site printing needs, please see the brochure describing the business centre at the conference hotel

(19 September, 2006)
Instructions for Oral Presenters: Oral presenters should be reminded that they generally have time for a 15 min talk (including Q&A), unless otherwise instructed. If there are are fewer presenters in a scheduled session than the standard 6 speakers per 90 min session or 4 speakers per 60 min slot, then the additional time may be used for additional Q&A (at the session chairs discretion). Note that the program is still subject to change at this time, and some speakers may still be added or deleted. Session chairs are instructed to strictly enforce the time limit.
There will be laptops (PC/Windows) in the rooms, so we ask speakers to bring their presentation as Powerpoint file on USB or CD-ROM and to copy it to the presentation laptops on the morning of the presentation or during the breaks. Please avoid hooking up your own laptop as this often leads to time-consuming disruptions and technical problems. Live-connection to the Internet are NOT possible - please prepare screenshots instead.
Please copy your presentation on the desktop of the presentation laptop in the room of your presentation and do not delete it after presentation. It is very important to name your powerpoint file as follows: dd-rm-hhmm-surname where dd is the day of your presentation (16 for Monday, 17 for Tuesday, 18 for Wednesday), rm is the room (ch for concert hall, c5 for confederation 5, t7 for tudor 7 and t8 for tudor 8), and hhmm is the start time of your session e.g. 1600 means 4pm). Surname is your last (family) name.
Speaker preparation: If you need a quiet corner to prepare your talk, feel free to use the Saskatchewan Room. You will have to bring your own laptop. The hotel also has a business office with computers, which you may use if you didn’t bring your laptop. Poster Presenters will find information on the poster format in the "call for papers".

(18 September, 2006)
Tutorials update: We removed the tutorials which did not attract a sufficient number of registrants. The remaining tutorials can be viewed and booked here - all of them have a stellar faculty and are highly recommended. Registrants of cancelled workshops have been informed by email and received a refund.
The cancelled tutorials have mostly been repositioned as free workshops or as 15-min practice presentation.
New free workshops (no extra registration necessary, but access is restricted to Mednet registrants) include Internet Survey Data Management Using SAS, Handheld Computers in Medicine, and Targeting e-health Obesity Prevention for Youth: Balancing Evidence Based-Approaches with Audience Appeal. The latter workshop will be part of the larger "ebesity" workshop, which is now scheduled for Wednesday afternoon.
The (former) tutorials by Powell (Involving users in ehealth research), Su (Redefining Informed Consent in the Era of E-Health), Poulymenopoulou (Cross-organizational healthcare process automation using a service-oriented approach), and Paton (Using Flash to Create Interactive e-Learning Animations) are now 15-min presentations in the Mednet program.

(14 September, 2006)
Accomodation: Please note that there are only a few rooms left to sell on October 14 and 18. There is no challenge with rooms on the 15th to 17th. If you need the nights of the 14th or 18th and the hotel is fully booked, we recommend to stay at a nearby hotel for that night and move to The Fairmont Royal York on the peak nights of the conference. To make a reservation, please call the Hotel Reservations Department at 1-800-663-7229 or the Global Reservations Centre at 1-800-441-1414.

(13 September, 2006)
(sponsors' message) PLoS, the open access scientific/medical publisher and advocacy organization, is delighted to be involved in MEDNET 2006, where they are going to be participating in a session entitled The Future of Open Access Publishing. All the six (soon to be eight) PLoS Journals make quality research literature freely accessible online to anyone in the world with an internet connection.

(12 September, 2006)
NCIC New Sponsor: We are happy to announce that the National Cancer Institute of Canada (NCIC) has agreed to cosponsor Mednet 2006 as platinum sponsor.

(06 September, 2006)
Mednet/NCI Cancer Afternoon Flyer:: A PDF flyer for this Mednet highlight sponsored by the US National Cancer Institute is now available here

(06 September, 2006)
Tutorial and workshop registration - deadline Sept 13th:Please remember that the deadline for tutorial registration is on Sept 13th. The WAME workshop on e-learning on Wednesday (includes free lunch) also needs to be booked through the tutorial form (note that this is NOT a tutorial, but rather a workshop).

(06 September, 2006)
Volunteers Please note our call for volunteers, i.e. call for people willing and able to help out at the conference.(e.g. at the registration desk).

(06 September, 2006)
We welcome the US National Cancer Institute as new exhibitor. We also welcome PLoS Medicine as media sponsor - please note the current Mednet ad campain on the PLoS Medicine website.

(05 September, 2006)
Accomodation/Hotel: Please be advised that the Mednet room block at the Royal York Hotel is now getting tight - as of today we have space left for 6-7 participants (35 room nights). See Accomodation for Mednet rates. After the room block is filled, rooms are subject to availability and prevailing rates.

(01 September, 2006)
Schedule changes: Note that some updates have been made to the schedule-at-a-glance and the detailed schedule

(14 August, 2006)
Monday, Aug 14th, 11:00 AM: The psigate platform to process credit cards has been experiencing a service interruption. This may have caused credit card transactions to be declined or to time out. As of 12:15 PM the service seems to be back online. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused..

(14 August, 2006)
New sponsors: We welcome ActMinds as a new exhibitor, and PLoS Medicine, Medbanner, and Casadomo as new media sponsors. Please also note our current online advertising campaign on the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

(13 August, 2006)
Scheduling Updates: 1) Due to the unavailability of various speakers of the psychobehavioral change intervention / smoking cessation session (originally scheduled on Tuesday) we switched the public (e)health session (originally scheduled on Wednesday) with the smoking cessation session. The public (e)health session is now scheduled for 10/17/2006 4:30 PM, while the smoking cessation session is now scheduled on 10/18/2006 9:00 AM
2) The workshop Developing recommendations for WFME Guidelines and Strategies for Medical e-Learning. has been moved from Tuesday evening to Wednesday 1 PM (free lunch will be provided for workshop participants)

(11 August, 2006)
Credit Card processing scheduled downtime on this coming Sunday 3 am - 6:30 am: The PsiGate platform (used for Credit Card processing for registration and tutorial booking) is scheduled for a maintenance outage during the following time periods:
From: 03:30 am EST on Sunday 08/13/06
Until: 06:30 am EST on Sunday 08/13/06
No credit cards can be processed during that time.

(01 August, 2006)
On July 31st, possibly also earlier (between July 26th and July 31st) , there were some technical problems with preregistration, causing us to loose the preregistration information entered by new users in that time period. If you preregistered, but never received a preregistration confirmation email, please try to log on at the registration page. If this fails, please fill in the preregistration form again. Our sincerest apologies for the glitch.

(30 July, 2006)
Invitation letters for visa applications: Those participants who need an official invitation letter for visa application should be advised that we only send invitation letters to registered (and fully paid) participants. Please copy & paste the registration receipt (e.g. the one you see when you log in at registration after payment) into the contact box (Attn: Organizing Committee), with the subject line "invitation letter request". If you are a presenter and want to have your presentation mentioned in the invitation letter, please also mention the authors and title of your presentation. We will immediately send you a personalized invitation letter. Please only request a letter if you absolutely need it. We will refund the registration fee (less credit card/transaction fees) if your visa application is denied (proof of visa denial is required for a refund). There will be no exceptions from this policy - no registration/payment - no invitation letter.

(28 July, 2006)
New Sponsors: We are happy to announce that COACH (Canada's Health Informatics Association) as well as Cancer Care Ontario (CCO) have both agreed to co-sponsor Mednet 2006. COACH will be a media sponsor and exhibitor, while CCO will be a gold sponsor..

(28 July, 2006)
Make your hotel reservation now - win 2 free nights at the Fairmont Royal York: Our conference hotel, the Fairmont Royal York Hotel, has donated a draw of 2 free nights among early registrants. To qualify you must register for Mednet and make your hotel reservation before August 1st. All callers will enter a lottery and the winner of the free 2 nights will be notified mid of August. Register for Mednet at To make your room reservation, please call the Fairmont Hotel Reservations Department at 1-800-663-7229 or the Global Reservations Centre at 1-800-441-1414. Callers must identify themselves as being with MEDNET 2006 in order to qualify for the group rate. To take full advantage of the Mednet program, you should plan to arrive on Friday, Oct 13th, and depart on Oct 20th.

(27 July, 2006)
Tutorial registration is now open. While Mednet tutorials are primarily intended for Mednet registrants, most tutorials are also open to non-Mednet registrants. For most tutorials, extra payment is required. There is one free tutorial (web-usability), which is open only to Mednet registrants. Advance registration for this tutorial (and all others) is required.

(27 July, 2006)
Registration/Payment: Note that we changed the credit card processing gateway from Paradata to PsiGate. If you register for Mednet or a tutorial, and choose the PsiGate option, you will be forwarded to a secure site to enter your credit card information. Please note that a warning message will appear, stating that the security certificate belongs to (please click ok and proceed).
Another way to pay is via PayPal. However, for new PayPal users the initial sending limit is US$500, so if you do not currently have a verified PayPal account and your payment exceeds your sending limit, please use any of the other payment options.
We request all presenters to register before August 1st, 2006, so that we can get the final program to the printer. Presenters who have not registered by August 1st may be removed from the program.

(24 July, 2006)
Preliminary program: A preliminary schedule listing the individual oral contributions is now available at, and a schedule-at-a-glance is available at (in case of conflicting information between the schedule and the program-at-a-glance, the information in the schedule takes priority). Both are updated frequently, so check them frequently for updates and changes! It looks like we are going to have a very exciting and interesting Mednet 2006 with many high-profile speakers and eHealth leaders! If you haven't registered yet as a participant, please do register as early as possible, as we are reaching our maximum number of registrants (if you are unsure whether or not you are registered, log in at the registration page - if you see a form, you are not registered, if you see a receipt, you are registered!).
Also, please make your hotel registration early, as our room block fills up quickly (see
Mednet speakers should review the preliminary schedule and check the following:

  1. is your presentation listed? If not, and your presentation was accepted as oral presentation, please contact us immediately - with almost 400 presentations errors can happen! If you are listed, but find yourself unable to attend, please ask your coauthors to attend/present, or withdraw your presentation NOW (log in at and click "withdraw". Please also contact us in case of a withdrawal at this stage.)
  2. are you and your co-speakers available during that slot?
  3. does your presentation title show up neatly – is it in Title Case (A Title in Title Case Looks Like This – Capitalize All Words Except "the", "a"/"an", "in", "and" ), is the affiliation of all authors complete and not cut-off (note that we display it as you entered it)? If you need to edit any of this, please log in at to edit your abstract
  4. are all presenting authors registered (Deadline for presenters: July 31st 2006)?. If not, the presentation will be removed from the program.
  5. if you are chairing a panel, please check whether you have 3-4 speakers. Panels with only one presenter are usually not acceptable. All panellists must be listed as co-authors in the abstract, and NOT be marked with * (which indicates a non-presenting author). If you need to edit any of this, please log in at to edit your abstract. Also, all panellists must be registered.

(23 July, 2006)
We welcome MedSciNet as an exhibitor at Mednet 2006!

(07 July, 2006)
A tentative program at a glance is now available for download - please note that this is still very much subject to change and this overview does not contain individual presentations. A detailed program will follow soon.

(29 June, 2006)
Mednet 2006 is now an official meeting of the International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA), WG Consumer Health Informatics

(29 June, 2006)
Free usability tutorial for Mednet registrants! The CDC/NCHM has announced to sponsor a FREE 1-day post-conference web usability tutorial on Thursday, Oct 19th. Information on how to sign up for this and other tutorials will be sent to Mednet registrants shortly. If you haven’t registered for Mednet already, please register today, as space is limited !

(29 June, 2006)
Some additional reasons to come to Toronto: 1) The invitational pre-conference WATI workshop (Web-Assisted Tobacco Interventions) on Sat and Sun, Oct 14 and 15th 2006 (Contact Peter Selby peter_selby at or Cameron Norman cameron.norman at for details); 2) The invitational post-conference workshop on patient-accessible electronic health records on Thursday, Oct 19th – contact David Wiljer DAVID.WILJER at for details; 3) if you are interested in the use of the Internet for public health and infectious diseases, the Infectious Diseases Society of America is holding its annual conference immediately before Mednet on Oct 12-15th in Toronto, in the Metro Convention Centre across from “our” conference hotel.

(29 June, 2006)
We welcome as new Mednet exhibitors the following great organizations: Centers for Disease Control (CDC), National Centre for Health Marketing (; Public Health Agency of Canada, Canadian Health Network (; Canadian Pharmacists Association (; and B Sharp Technologies (
To add your organization/company to this list, please download our sponsor/exhibitor prospectus from the Sponsors page, and also see the Exhibitors page.

(29 June, 2006)
Additional Keynote Speaker: We now confirm as additional keynote speaker Dr Jay Bernhardt, Director of CDC’s NCHM, who will speak about "eCDC and the Future of Public Health"

(29 June, 2006)
Attention Poster presenters and Software Demo Table presenters: Information on the poster board format [the size of the board is 4' (height) x 8' (width), which is 232 centimetres by 114 centimetres], mounting information, as well as a link to a photo of the posterboards is now available on the Call for abstracts/papers page.

(29 June, 2006)
Presenters, please check your affiliation line: We noticed that some of the affiliation lines were cut off. This problem is now fixed. Presenters should verify on the abstracts page that their affiliation line appears complete and is not cut off (please also include the country name). If not, login at Submit to edit the abstract data.

(29 June, 2006)
Full paper submission deadline reminder: The deadline for full paper submission is June 30th – see instructions in decision email and on the Call for Papers page.

(29 June, 2006)
Late poster submissions: We still accept late poster proposals (only from authors who have not previously submitted something), see Call for Papers

(07 June, 2006)
A list of accepted tutorials now appears in the Tutorials & Preconferences section. A registration form for these tutorials will be available in a couple of days. Tutorials are primarily intended for registered Mednet participants, but are also open to others.

(20 May, 2006)
We have now completed the review of all submitted abstracts and (between May 15-20th) sent out about 450 decision emails. If you have submitted a proposal but did not receive a decision email, please check your spam filter! On the submit page presenters are able to check the status of their submission, can view in which topic/track the paper will be presented, whether it has been accepted as oral presentation or as poster presentation, can edit their abstract, upload a full paper, or withdraw their submission (please withdraw your abstract if you are unable to attend). All accepted abstracts also appear in this list.. Presenters are asked to edit their abstract taking into account peer-reviewer comments. All presenters MUST register, so please also remind your co-presenters. All authors which are NOT marked with (*) are assumed to be presenters, and need to register (NONPRESENTING authors are marked with *).

(04 May, 2006)
With an expected 400 presentations and around 800 participants, Mednet 2006 is an excellent venue and unique opportunity for organizations and companies to present their Internet / eHealth services and products to an international audience. The majority of participants will be academics and health care professionals, who are opinion-leaders in their field. 57% of the preregistered participants indicated that they are decision makers or decision influencers when making purchasing decisions. We have now uploaded the sponsor/exhibitor prospectus, which contains a detailed price list of opportunities for organizations and companies to position and showcase their services. For exhibitors only, who may require to rent furniture and accessories for their exhibition booth, we also uploaded the exhibitor kit from our show supplier Stronco (note that prior to making supply arrangements with Stronco you should book the exhibition space with us). All sponsorship/exhibition/software demo table/advertising orders and payments should be made through this page (do NOT use this page for registration fee payments - go to the registration page instead!).

(23 March, 2006)
We are happy to announce that the Project Open Source|Open Access of KMDI has agreed to co-sponsor an Open Access panel at Mednet.

(22 March, 2006)
You can now sign up as reviewer and join the reviewers list. The confererence director and the topic directors will use this list to assign peer reviewers to the conference papers.

(22 March, 2006)
Win a $1000 award by referring participants to Mednet! If you are a preregistered participant you can use this special form to invite associates, colleagues, students, superiors, policy makers, other researchers you admire to the conference. The invitees will receive a registration fee discount.

(15 March, 2006)
Due to technical difficulties with the online submission system we have extended the deadline for all submissions (abstracts/panel proposals/tutorial proposals etc) by 2 weeks. The new deadline is March 29th.

(14 March, 2006)
To make submission of a panel proposal easier, a panel proposal should now be submitted as "single paper submission". The multi-paper submission feature was disabled.

(10 March, 2006)
We are pleased to announce that the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), Institute of Nutrition, Metabolism & Diabetes, has announced that it will co-sponsor the session "Health-e Body Weight Workshop: Issues in developing, using, and evaluating ehealth technologies for healthy eating and active lifestyle". Participants interested in participating in this workshop should submit an abstract relevant to this topic.

(09 March, 2006)
Registration fees can now be paid using VirtualPay's secure web servers (Paradata, Payment Processing, Inc). This is in addition to Paypal. Click on [Credit Card] to use this option.

(09 March, 2006)
A request can be made to waive Registration fees for specific reasons, for example invited keynote presenters. Please see the note for details, found just below the payment options.

(28 February, 2006)
We are excited to announce that the U.S. National Cancer Institute (NCI/NIH) has agreed to support Mednet2006 by sponsoring several cancer-related speakers to contribute intellectual discussion regarding the use of the Internet in the service of Cancer Control within the U.S. We are currently working on a "cancer afternoon" or a "cancer track", which - among other topics, will provide an opportunity to showcase the NCI Centers of Excellence in Cancer Communication Research (CECCR). Details will follow.

(20 February, 2006)
Information for Exhibitors now available, with a trade show map and pricing.

(15 February, 2006)
Preregistered participants are now invited to use a special form to invite associates, colleagues, students, superiors, policy makers, other researchers they admire to the conference. The invitees will receive a registration fee discount. These data (who refers whom) will also be used for a social network analysis project ("who is who" and "who knows whom" in eHealth.) To use this feature, please preregister first.

(15 February, 2006)
Online Abstract Submission system launched. Preregistered participants can submit an abstract using this website.