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Chris Paton

Handheld Computers in Medicine

Chris Paton
New Media Medicine

Topic: other
Track: Practice
Type: Oral presentation

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     Last modified: September 25, 2006
     Presentation date: 10/17/2006 7:30 PM in RYH Tudor 7
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A free "Hands-On" workshop covering how to use a PDA in a healthcare setting. The workshop begins with an introduction to PDAs, what the different operating systems and specifications required for use in medicine. Continues with introducing medical PDA reference software, including drug references, medical handbooks and evidence based references. Next delegates will learn how to use a PDA database to manage patients, log books and other administrative task. They will learn how to use existing databases and create their own. Finally the workshop will look at using PDAs in wireless networks and Electronic Medical Records and discuss how handheld computers will become integral in future healthcare delivery.
Participants may wish to bring their own PDA to follow along with the presentations. We will have trial versions of the software being demonstrated available for installing on your own PDAs.

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