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Overview of the Conference

Mednet 2006 is over and was a terrific success. From 524 abstract submissions, 468 presentations were accepted. We had almost 500 participants from 43 different countries (previous Mednets had 100-200 participants!). Speakers included internationally known leaders in eHealth.
If you missed Mednet 2006, be advised that we are planning to make audio files available on this website for registered participants (if this becomes available, we will announce this in the news section of the Mednet site, on the Mednet homepage, and through the mailing list).

We are also planning a post-conference web-only registration option, providing access to audio files for those who missed Mednet (please fill in the preregistration form if you are interested in this, and monitor this website for updates).

Mednet 2006 had an emphasis on the following topics:

* Evaluation and methodological issues in ehealth
* e-besity interventions
* Web-based medical education
* Health communication on the internet
* Patient portals
* Putting electronic health records online
* Psychobehavioral interventions
* E-trials: Using the web and e-technologies for clinical trials
* Public (e-)health, population health technologies, surveillance
* Internet for disease prevention
* Cancer and the Internet (incl. NCI-sponsored cancer afternoon)
* eHealth for chronic diseases
* Online pharmacies
* Internet based publishing and peer-review
* Open Access publishing in medicine
* Usability and human factors on the web
* Health information on the web: Supply and Demand
* Next Generation Internet Health Applications
* Semantic Web applications and search engine technologies
* Telehealth and medical practice using IP technologies
* Business opportunities in ehealth
* Failures in eHealth
* other

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