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Bryn Lewis

Internet technologies for delivery of evidence based information : Using web services and XML effectively

Bryn Lewis

Topic: Next Generation Internet Health Applications
Track: Research
Type: Oral presentation

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     Last modified: July 26, 2006
     Presentation date: 10/14/2006 9:00 AM in CGEI Telehealth Room
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The provision of evidence based information to assist health professionals in delivering care increasingly relies on electronic dissemination mechanisms. There are obvious advantages is distributing information electronically and in utilising clinical systems to facilitate delivery of information at the time and place in which it will be most relevant and useful.
Internet technologies have reached a state of maturity such that they can be deployed to achieve these aims. XML is a flexible way of structuring information such that it can be usefully employed within clinical systems. Web services are a means of allowing the systematic consistent distribution of information to a variety of clinical systems via the Internet.
The main topics of this tutorial will include:
· XML and why it is a useful way of organising and structuring information.
o Technologies and techniques for producing, managing and using XML.
· Web services
o What they are, why they are useful and how they can be placed within an information provision architecture.
This tutorial will step through a number of practical tasks, including: marking up text using XML to structure textual; using tools to manipulate the XML; creating a simple web service that serves XML; creating a simple web service client that uses the web service.
Technologies discussed during this tutorial will include: XML, XSLT, HTML, CSS, Javascript, SOAP and HTTP.
Specific educational goals that attendees can expect to achieve
An understanding of Internet technologies relevant to provision of information for health care, the capabilities of these and how they relate to each other.
Who should attend
Those wishing to gain an understanding of the ways in which currently available internet technologies can be used to further the provision of information.
Level or combination of levels of the content percentage of coverage that is basic, intermediate, and advanced)
50% basic. 25% intermediate, 25% advanced.
Prerequisites, if any
Name of a reference from an organization that has previously sponsored the same or another tutorial of similar duration by the instructor
This is a new tutorial. I have delivered content that is related at the Health Informatics Society of Australia’s annual conference: Health Informatics Conference 2002.

This is a tutorial - thus extra payment through http://www.mednetcongress.org/tutorialsandpreconferences.php before Sept 13, 2006 is required! This tutorial can be booked by Mednet registrants, but can also be booked by non-Mednet participants.

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